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  • guest

    May 15, 2015 at 12:00 am

    Getting parts information for Frymaster products can be confusing.  Their service downloads section of their website offers a vast array of S&P manuals for old and new generation gas and electric fryers, but distinguishing which manual you need isn’t clear cut.   Considerations regarding that fryer’s age and design must be noted.

    1. For instance, is your fryer a standard cabinet or a Euro-look cabinet?
    2. Is the filter system a Filter Magic ( or FM II or FMII Redesigned), a FootPrint (or FPII, FPIII or FPIII Enhanced) or a FootPrint Pro?
    3. If it has square drains, do they use a connecting boot or the older flange gaskets between the square drain sections?
    4. Which version of their filter pan do you have?  (I’ve personally encountered a few which even the Frymaster agents couldn’t help me with)

    You get the idea.

    The model and serial number should be helpful in decipher all that, but the S&P Manuals don’t provide a distinct correlation between the model number you’re gazing at and which manual fits it.  Then there’s more…

    Assuming you picked the right S & P manual, you’ll find parts listed in it for MANY various configurations available for international versions and uniquely designed units for larger chains like BK, McD’s, BWW, etc. Sorting through that info can be trying as well.  Of course, the S&P manual’s parts illustrations & listings are also heavily ladened with everything you’re NOT looking for – all the way down to a nut or a lock-washer.

    A tried & true shortcut is to simply call Frymaster.  However, I’m sure MANY phone calls they receive are technicians simply trying to to ID a part.  That clogs up the tech. support phone lines.

    My opinion is that Frymaster needed something to reduce caller volume from technicians IDing parts, so in March 2014, they published a Major Component Manual on their website. However, they didn’t exactly make it easy to find, so here’s a step-by-step for getting to it:

    • Listed under the SUPPORT & TRAINING column, click on Bulletins/Price-Stocking Lists/Videos.
    • Put your pointer in the middle of that page, then scroll about halfway down to find  Major Component Manual.  Click on Multi-Product Parts Manual for a downloadable PDF file.  I recommend RIGHT-CLICKING on that to OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB or WINDOW.

    If you want to circumvent all that, here’s a direct link:

    This isn’t a cure-all or a completely comprehensive parts guide.  However, I’ve found it very helpful and MUCH easier to use than the S & P manuals for getting replacement part numbers.

    With that information at your disposal, HAVE A NICE DAY

  • ectofix

    May 17, 2015 at 6:10 pm

    Well smack me up beside the head!  I found some older versions of that “Major Component Manual” dating from Dec 2008 tucked away on the internet.  So…I guess it’s not so new.  Well, it’s been awhile since my factory training…so I may be a little behind.


    From what I surmise NOW, it appears that Frymaster revises that manual every year or so.  I found something pretty helpful in their newer versions (beginning in 2014).


    Section 22 was added.  It provides a “Family Class/Service Manual Cross Reference” table.  The TWO LETTERS in the middle of a fryer’s serial number is it’s family class.  For instance, one of our fryer’s is serial number is 1009IJ0003.  The IJ is the family class.


    With that, section 22 will cross reference that IJ to the Frymaster part number for the service & parts manual you need for that fryer.  To get that manual, go shopping on their website and find the manual.  Here’s a link:  English Manuals – Frymaster.


    Something worth noting:  Older fryers may have a serial number family class code that may lead you to a newer manual may which not give complete parts information for it. I discovered this with one of our older H50 series fryers – a 1995 vintage (SerNo. 9507IK0083) with an earlier FootPrint series filter system.  Yet, the cross reference led me to the PRO Series H50/55 manual (p/n 819-6083)..


    That PRO series manual does not provide information on that older fryer’s filtration system parts.  No square drains are illustrated and a completely different filter pan is shown and is completely different than what  that old fryer uses.  You’d need to know enough to go back to their older H50 series fryer manual ( p/n 819-0001).


    There may be other exceptions that I’ve overlooked.  So…if working on an older fryer, you may STILL need to go back to SQUARE ONE…and call Frymaster tech support..

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